Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The quite force of progress.

This morning I joined millions of others around the world in welcoming in a new president. Although I am not an Obama supporter, I recognized the historic nature of this event and considered myself blessed to be a witness. I am currently reading The Secret Life of Bees which touches on a time in our past where segregation was an encumbrance to our nation. Add to it all the timeliness of Martin Luther King Day and one can’t help but ponder the magnitude of the event. I guess I always assumed I would be alive to see the first African-American President of the United States but it was not something I thought about often. It struck me when Obama mentioned that 60years ago his father would not have been able to enter some restaurants. I had forgotten how recent that time was. As President Obama stated, “This day we mark who we are and how far we’ve come.”
Other gems from the speech:
“We are keepers of this legacy.”
(We are recipients of a legacy established by years of fighting, toil, hurt and perseverance on all sides that have brought us to a place where our nation for the most part is strong and welcoming and a place where dreams are made. We are keepers of personal legacies as well, building on a familial past and entrusted with the duty to leave a legacy of good for the future.)

“Our patchwork heritage is our strength.”

“When we were tested we refused to let this journey end.”
(That has daily life implications and is a reminder to me to be strong, in all things.)

I appreciated President Bush and know that he did the best he could. He is a man of conviction with a good, honest heart. I was grateful for the opportunity I had on November 4th to exercise my right as a citizen and cast my ballot for that which I believed to be the best. Millions of others had that same magnificant right and now we will live with our choice and face the consequences, good or bad. I hope that the result will lean on the side of good and exceed my expectations. I am anxious to see what lies ahead for us all.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun pictures

Here are a few cute pictures from my nephew's blessing day.

The Barton Clan

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Time to Say Goodbye

Eight years ago something very special happened to my family. We were able to experience a celestial member of the Barton clan. Ember Ilene Barton arrived to us stillborn on January 15, 2001. My mom was nearly full term so this was a shock to all of us. We didn’t really know how to react at first but were all deeply saddened. She wasn’t yet someone we could miss but she was someone whose absence we would always feel and someone who we would never had the joy of getting to know. It was months of anticipation lost in a moment. It was all that but so much more...and so much of it good.

The night my mom delivered her, we each had a chance to hold our dear Ember and share a special moment with her. The spirit was so strong in that hospital room. That was a feeling we were blessed to experience for a while to lift us through the difficult time. It was a bonding moment for our family and we know that she is very much a part of us.

Members of the church in our area kindly reached out and supported us at this time of tragedy. They donated money for the casket and were so generous in their giving that there was enough left over for a framed picture of Christ with a little girl.

They brought meals, and a hand of love to my mother. One neighbor, an interior decorator, designed a memorial table in Ember’s honor that displayed pictures, clothing, flowers and a locket. The spirit was always strong in our house at this time but most especially in the room with the table. People would comment on it the moment they walked in the house.

We held a small funeral in our home and then buried her in Alpine. We visit the gravesite often and remember the missing part of our family and the experiences we had with her. She taught us so very much and bonded us as a family.

I never understood before how much it would hurt to lose someone your never knew or to lose a baby. Even though I am not yet a mother, I can sympathize even a little bit now with parents who lose children, having felt the hurt and especially having watched my parents go through this.

My experience with Ember made the gospel so much more real to me. No longer was I just trying to be good to make it to the celestial kingdom. I now had a sister who was there and I had even greater reason to succeed to be with her. The experience made me examine my belief and testimony and, in all honesty, it shook me up quite a bit. I struggled for a long time to wrap my head around the questions this presented. There was a lot of doctrine about babies who die before the age of eight but very little is said about one who never took a breath. Yet I know she is a part of us and is real. I began to question the Plan of Salvation and our very existence and purpose in life. But after I wrestled through my own doubts and discovered answers, the Plan of Salvation became so very real to me- no longer just something drawn across the blackboard with circles and lines- and my testimony as a whole was strengthened.

I don’t have all the answers but I know there is a purpose for all things. I love Ember and am so grateful for her. Through we never knew her, she has had an incredible impact on our lives. Today would have been her eighth birthday. It is the day she does not need. In the church, eight means baptism but because of the Atonement of our Savior, she does not need this ordinance. She is already perfect through Him and I know that, though I am not yet at her stage and, unlike her, need to go through the experience of life, I, too, can be perfected through Him.

Happy Birthday, Ember!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

January is synonymous for resolutions and years in review. My personal resolutions are just that- personal. But here are a few highlights or firsts from 2008 in the year of Katie Barton:

Trained for and completed the Wasatch Back and continued running races
Jumped out of a plane at 13,000 ft
Learned to play Ultimate Frisbee and this weekend played ultimate in the snow
Discovered NPR
Hiked to Havasupi- first real backpacking trip
Went sailing for the first time- tipped the sail boat
Went on a cruise to the Caribbean and danced the week away
Learned to “jump” on a wake board
Spent a week in Lake Powell with dear friends
Went to San Diego- Padres game, USS Midway
Spend a few lovely fall days in Seattle
Saw Wicked
Went rock climbing for the first time
Watched the Utes beat BYU in an undefeated season
Additionally, watched Utah beat Alabama and take the Sugar Bowl! Go UTES!!!
Witnessed a demolition derby for the first time
Won a costume contest as King Kong’s captive
Shot an assault rifle and hand gun
Soaked in some natural hot springs
Went four-wheeling lots and discovered snow four-wheeling
Started working at the Mt Timpanogas Temple
Skied a black diamond run and jumped off a ski lift
Snowshoeing for the first time
Went to Moab and Dead Horse Point
Made so many new friends and met some wonderful people

This list is far from comprehensive. It simply includes the things I could think of while taking a break at work. I'll add pictures later. Happy New Year!

Gingerbread Houses Part II

We did a siblings date at our place last Monday night and made gingerbread houses. Mine and Brian's was the (self-proclaimed) winner. :) We had a great time and ended the night with Rock Band and Pounce and another game that will remain unmentioned. ( I demand a rematch! I CAN NOT be beat at foosball! :D)

Prep time

The Master Piece

Check out the stained glass window

The girls

Cute Barton siblings