Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who's up for a ride? Not me :)

Yesterday I bought a bike. What was I thinking? I am SO not a bike person. I didn’t even learn to ride until I was eight or nine and even then, I have probably only mounted a grand total of 13 times in my entire life! Ok, maybe a few more but not much. Remember the blessed moment in While You Were Sleeping where the kid is delivering newspapers and falls off his bike? That would be me.

But Eks loves to bike. In this New Economy, it is the better way (at least so he’s trying to convince me). Until now, I’ve had an excuse not to ride—I don’t own a bike. But no longer! I gave in and am now stuck. It even has a speedometer and distance tracker to prove how desperately slow I am riding and how far I don’t get. Oh dear, what have I got myself into? At least it was a cheap, used contraption so maybe it will break down and I’ll have my excuse again :).