Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ever get the feeling your stuff strutted off without you? ;)

Friday, April 10, 2009

Woes of Dating...but life is good :)

Two things have been on my mind lately. In reality, they are quite contradictory but regardless, it is my life at the moment.

The first is the Woes of Dating. I recognize that I live a pretty good life and I am so grateful (see next section) but there are times when I would like to just MOVE ON! Single life is great but, naturally, I am drawn to want to find that special someone to love me forever. Who doesn’t want that, really? :) And so, I continue to subject myself to endless dates (most of which are fun) and social activities (nothing wrong with playing hard while I’m looking) in hopes of finding ‘the one’ and have gotten stuck on an emotional roller coaster to which the conductor keeps pressing ‘GO’ and won’t let me off. If this continues I might get sick :)

So I put out the call (via Facebook, mind you. Probably not the smartest move as it resulted in more dating woes, but it was entertaining none the less):

Katie Barton has a job opening for Boyfriend. Applications available.

The position is part-time with the option to become full-time and permanent depending on the execution of the new hire in performing the job requirements. Qualifications include, but are not limited to: independent guy with good sense of humor, loyal, caring, generous, intelligent, and ambitious. Must be adventurous and show genuine interest in spending time with me. Hot pursuit and benefaction will most likely be necessary to win me over. Musicians, dancers, travelers and fans of the outdoors encouraged to apply! Extra points given for University of Utah football fans. MAY, just may, consider a fan of the other school if the candidate is exceptional in all other qualifications. Good conversationalist also a must. Nice eyes are an additional bonus. Excellent benefits package once the probationary period has been met.

I will be utilizing a more stringent application and interview process in an effort to avoid dismissive and unqualified applicants. Will consider a referral bonus for help in locating the ideal candidate.

The position is still open so if you, or anyone you know who fits the qualifications and job description, are on the job hunt, head my way. :)

(Hey...everyone needs a good laugh every now and then, right!) :)

The only thing on my mind is gratitude. While I would love to move past this point in my life, I know that I have been so extremely blessed beyond words and that my life is pretty darn good! I have learned some great lessons in the past few days from General Conference, the temple, and experiences. Here are a few:

Fears can be overcome and most often have no merit.
Greater appreciation for the Savior and His life of service
That I need humbling
I can not be so quick to assume or to judge
The Lord is in charge and I need to let Him be
You never know what people are dealing with or have been through
Family is so important
Everything testifies of the Savior, even our very lives
We are given everything we need to get through anything that will be thrown at us
Loving shouldn’t happen because of pity or charity. We need to learn to give our whole hearts in love for others because we genuinely care
Not everyone lives or thinks like I do (shocking, I know) :)

This is a sampling... there are more too personal to mention. I can not begin to express how grateful I am right now for all my blessings and mostly to the Savior for all that He is and does. I’ve loved this Easter week to spend extra time thinking about His final moments on this earth. He was teaching, loving and healing until the very end and there is so much to learn from pondering this sacred week. I am grateful that He has taken the time to teach me and share life changing insights, especially in the temple.

This month marks a year since I began as a temple worker at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple. I love it! These past few weeks, especially, my shifts have been incredibly spiritual for me and the Lord is truly instructing me. I am grateful for the chance to serve and connect to the patrons who visit the temple and I am grateful for their service. This is a great work!

This is what the temple looks like as I leave my shift.