Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Great Week

This past week was a fabulous one. I started the week off shooting a bunch of guns. What could be better than that? Some friends invited me shooting, so we headed out just past Utah Lake and took up arms. Most of the time my aim was lacking, especially with the hand gun, but every once in a while I hit something. My best was 50% target hit. Then I was handed an assault rifle. Wow, that thing was cool! And it had great accuracy, which meant that so did I :) After we shot around for a while, we decided to pull out the camera. Modeling with the guns was just as fun as actually shooting them :)

While gazing out at Utah Lake during our shoot off, we decided we needed to get out on it. So Tuesday we hit the water and went boating. The water was pretty choppy so I wasn't too happy about my wake boarding performance, but I was glad to get out and try. I absolutely LOVE being on the water, if nothing else just riding on the boat. There are few things in this life that are better than that. The company was great, the evening was beautiful and the water was warm-ish :) Thanks Captain Steve for taking us out!

The week continued to rock! Wednesday I had the chance to go to Education Week at BYU. I love Ed Week. It's one of my favorite things each year- hundreds of classes on so many topics with incredible teachers. I was only able to attend Wed and Fri nights this year so I made the most of my limited time and soaked it all in. Some of my favorite classes were on prayer, symbolism in the scriptures, and following Christ in member missionary work. I learned so much and it has really changed my way of thinking about things, especially when it comes to scripture study. There are just so many hidden treasures in the Bible and Book of Mormon. I love it!
Thursday is temple day. I LOVE Thursdays. Not only did I get to spend some wonderful time there enjoying the peace and spirit, I was able to see many old friends- even some from as far back as my days in San Diego. I love what a small world this is.
Friday was back to Education Week. I had a great time reconnecting with my old EFY friend, Bryan, and enjoyed some great classes.
Saturday was a whirlwind day. It began bright and early with a breakfast/service project where I got to know the awesome members of my ward. I went home and was finally able to work on my yard. Then it was off to a pool party with some great girls and then boating again. Yeah! I did better on the board this time but I still struggle getting out of the left wake. I get to try again tomorrow so we'll see how it goes. I made a sweet new friend and reacquainted with an old one. I quickly changed and headed over to a wedding reception for a co-worker where they served cotton candy and smoothies to the attendees waiting in line and then had Cold Stone for dessert. It was great! The night ended with a fun date of batting cages and miniature golf which included lightening "war" rounds and a hole-in-one finish!
Life is GRAND!!!