Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Time

I am just a "bit" behind on the blog. Sorry! So, seeing as Christmas just passed, I figured that would be a good place to begin my catch-up.

Christmas was glorious and memorable as always. I can thank Mother Nature for her cooperation this year in allowing me to finally make it to the Midway Creche exhibit. I was able to view and appreciate 600 nativity scenes from around the world. Speaking of nativity scenes, my parents brought me a new one from Hawaii to add to my collection- bringing the grand total to 16 creches in my home. I love them!

Other memorable moments this Christmas season:
Singing in church
Snowshoeing through Big Cottonwood Canyon
New friends
Family time- always the best!
Caroling with 3,000 other people at the Energy Solutions Arena
New snow tires that save my life over and over again
Completely decadent chocolate party
Braving it up to give blood for the first time
Burial of a Christmas Tree
Hilarious white elephant party
Mistletoe kiss so desired it caused a man to get out of his wheel chair
Successful enrichment, work and friend parties...done and done :)
Savior of the World and Temple Square
Sledding with the family
Being snowed in at Christmas so extra time was spent with the family
War Tubing behind the four-wheeler
Gingerbread houses
Singing around the piano and playing Christmas music
Learning and growing moments that will carry me into the new year

Overall it was a wonderful month. I'll add more pictures as I get them.

Thanksgiving with mom and sis

Our dead Christmas Tree

Our replacement "Charlie Brown" tree

The head/shaving lesson was a hot item at the White Elephant party

I was attacked, I swear!

Christmas Eve Sledding Extravaganza on Cemetery Hill

My new fondue pot. Yum!

The finished projects