Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 4

November 4 was a big day. It brought a chance to exercise my right to vote, a change of direction for our country, a snowstorm , and new $10 jeans :). But most exciting of all, it was an anniversary. I got a text from my dad that reminded me of a special Novermber 4th thirty years ago. Granted I was not alive at the time, but it was a day that made my life possible. Tuesday was the 30th anniversary of my parent's first date! The day that changed the course of history for the Barton family :) It was Homecoming at Snow College and my dad was three hours late picking up his date (my mom) because he couldn't get his pheasant (which he had shot himself) to cook. When he did finally pick her up, he had written her a song that included in the lyrics the famous date of November 4th. Now they would NEVER forget. :) I'm so grateful to my parents. They are incredible examples of love and strength in character and in their relationship with each other. And I'm grateful for their unselfishness and love for family that led them to raise seven kids. I have the most wonderful family. Man, I am blessed!!