Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great Date

Eks and I like to go on exploratory dates. We take off without a plan and see where the wind takes us. A few weeks ago it carried us to the hang gliders. I've always loved driving by the Point and looking up to see the sky dotted with brightly colored parachutes but I've never taken the time to actually stop and watch. So I made Eks stop with me. We ended up driving to the top of the hill and discovered the Flight Park where the pilots practice, take off, and land. We had front row seats and a personal commentator on the action. We ended up talking to an avid flyer for about an hour as he told us about the thrills, the dangers, and the possibilities, including cross county flights. It was awesome!

After our mountain adventure we continued driving to see what other exciting things we could discover. We happened upon this:

This is the backyard of a normal sized house in Riverton. It was right next to the Jordan River and they must have tapped into the water to create this lake. As you can see, it was literally a miniature lake complete with buoys, canoes, a pavilion, a beach, paddle boats, a plastic elephant and horse (is that typical of a lake? ;), a picnic spot, playground, and water slide. Everything you could ever need at a lake. I need a yard like this :)

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Marsha said...

I love your creative dates. Eks told me about your date to the organ factory. And a couple of others. Keep that blogging coming on some of these. What great ideas and experiences you guys have. Btw, we have some very cool places to explore up our way, so KEEP THAT IN MIND! :)

We're so happy for you two. Hang in there for just two more days.!

Aunt Marsha