Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow Camping

A few weeks ago I had my first, and quite possibly my last, experience snow camping. We went to an area in Emery County and found ourselves a beautiful, secluded spot surrounded by beautiful cliffs and red-rock formations. We hiked some incredible slot canyons and took a moonlit night exploration through the crevices by our campsite. The trip was rounded out with tin-foil dinners, temperatures in the single digits, a coyote spotting, and a visit with my grandma and Madge. I also learned the positive power of the Barton name in Emery County :). It was certainly cold, but Eks did his best to make sure I was as comfortable as possible and gave me the nice tent, all the sleeping pads and blankets, and had a fire ready for me when I got up in the morning. In the end it was another great adventure and I can check snow camping off my list (not that it was there in the first place :).

The beautiful backdrop of our site.

Me at the slot canyons.

Mountainman Eks building us a fire with his hatchet.

Me totally bundled up. I could hardly move.


Matt and Liz said...

You are a brave woman!

Tiffany said...

I have done that once and never will again. I actually slept in a snow cave, not much fun but can also check that off my list.

Muerte said...

You look too cold to possibly be having fun in those pictures.

Hey, I'm planning a trip down to a southern Utah park for USU Spring Break. I'll be going with a few Brazilians and a couple of Dominicans who have never been before. We are staying at someone's house overnight in Saint George.

I've never done any hikes down there either, other than running the Moab 1/2 marathon. Do you have any park recommendations?

King Arthur said...

Dang! That looks cool! :)